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July 8, 2012


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Ok, time for a rant, because this is going to far!
Celestia keeps being shown as an evil tyrant who terrorises her subjects. Clearly, this is far from the truth.

Here are common arguments used:

1. Celestia imprisoned Luna on the moon.
No, she imprisoned Nightmare moon IN (not on, IN) the moon. Luna wasn't Luna anymore. It states at the beginning that she tried to reason with her sister, and reluctantly defeated her to send her to the moon. What was she supposed to do, let eternal night rain down upon equestria all for a selfish desire? It would cause utter chaos! Plants require sunlight to grow, meaning crops would fail and the ponies would starve. Plus, vital vitamins many animals bodies need to function properly are obtained from sunlight, and wildlife would suffer terribly. She had two choices:
1. Trap your sister inside the moon for 1000 years
2. Kill all of your subjects, and turn Equestria into a waste land where almost nothing can survive.
She picked the sensible one. Seeing as she is princess, its up to her to protect her subjects. It must've taken alot of mental strength as well as physical strength to send her sister inside the moon.
Many argue she should have been able to help her sister from turning into NMM in the first place. But everyone makes mistakes and she is busy trying to rule a kingdom, we've seen in the show just how busy her life can be.

EDIT: The new episode shows her happy that Luna has returned, and crying as she banishes Night mare moon. It also shows how she tried desperately not to use the elements on Nightmare. Pretty safe to assume she loves her sister. 

2. She turned discord into stone.
Discord is a VILLAIN! What's she supposed to do, let him cause chaos and make all of the ponies in Equestria live a life of fear and terror? She stood up against discord, and fought for what was right. Seeing as discord can teleport, it would be useless to trap him in a certain place. So she had to turn him to stone. Oh and by the way guys, Luna also helped, but I don't see anyone complaining about her!

3. Why did she put his statue in the gardens? Does that mean the other statues are ponies she has turned to stone?
This, I am not completely sure. She probably wanted some where she could easily keep an eye on him, but at the same time she might have been unsure whether he could still hear or see as a statue, so she put him out there. That way at least he wouldn't be as bored if he could hear/see. And I highly doubt the statue of the pony with the flag is a terrorized subject, other wise it wouldn't have been smiling. And Luna has to be present for Celestia to turn someone to stone, so she would also be a tyrant.  You wouldn't exactly take a school trip to a place where tones of innocent ponies are trapped in stone. Besides, she could have easily smashed or burned discords statue.


4. Why didn't she try to stop NNM/Discord?
Regrading NMM, seeing as she was no longer connected to the elements, she knew it would be useless. Not only that, but she was testing Twilight. And before you say "That's lazy!" Twilight's friends are probably the best thing that ever happened to her and Celestia needs as many strong subjects for times of crisis as possible. Twilight and the rest of the mane six didn't resent her at all. And because of Celestia's tests, Twilight is now a god damn princess, so she has definitely been rewarded. I think it's fair to say the tests are worth it seeing as in the last episodes of season 4 Celestia Luna and Cadence had no way of defeating Tirek but Twilight did, so all of the citizens of Equestria were saved. As for discord A) Twilight and her friends had become connected to the elements so she couldn't stop him using them. B) She did help by sending those letters to twilight. If she hadn't, all of the mane six would've stayed discorded and discored would've won.

5. But by sending those letters she gave spike a really bad stomach ache!
And if she hadn't sent those letters, discord would've won, the mane six would've been discorded and all of equestria would have been thrown into utter choas forever. Giving spike a stomach ache was a small sacrifice for Equestria's salvation.

6. Chryalis defeated her so easily, what a weakling!
So one minute your saying "Ugh Celestia is overly powerful bawww!" The next "How pathetic!" Guys, its plain wrong to hate someone because they're weaker than someone else. The reason Celestia was defeated was because cadence and shining armours love for each other that it was strong enough even to defeat Celestia. I thought it was a great metaphor. You could clearly see how worried the Changling queen was when Celestia launched her attack. And at least Celestia stood up for her subjects! She was the only pony in the room that attempted to stop her.

7. But what about when she trolled the cakes with that horrible tea prank!?
No, she simply pulled a harmless prank to lighten the mood. She could see everyone was stressed so she tried to calm them down. And she probably wanted to show them she'd rather be treated like a friend than a princess everyone has to bow down to, and playing the tea prank is a great way. It shows them that she enjoys having fun to. When other ponies have pulled pranks on her (Loads of letters arriving at her home, the invisible ink) she has just laughed. And when Pinkie pie sat on the table, and began eating Celestia's cakes, Celestia just laughed. She also didn't get really angry when the CCC wrote that embarrassing news column about her.

8. She made Fluttershy cry by leaving Philomena so Fluttershy would take her!
Celestia probably assumed that Fluttershy would already know what a phoenix was, seeing as she likes animals so much, and that if she didn't know what a phoenix was then she'd just ask. If Celestia left Philomena to upset Fluttershy, then why did she send her guards to look for her pet? Plus, she didn't get mad at the end when she found out Fluttershy stole her bird, she simply made Philomena apologize for stalling instead of coming strait out of the ashes.

9. She forced Luna not to come to the tea party?
That is clearly pure assumption. The most likely reason Luna didn't attend the tea party was that she was asleep, most likely being nocturnal so she can control the night. Maybe she didn't attend because she still wasn't used to the modern way of thinking, or she needed to attend to other royal business.

10. Her favourite season is autumn, a season where everything dies! Therefore she must be evil!
Yes, someone was stupid enough to say that. First of all, not everything dies in autumn, alot of things just hibernate instead. Secondly, it's still important because it prepares organisms for winter. Its a favourite season guys, get over yourselves.

11. But Celestia trolled twilight be sending her only 2 tickets when she knows twilight has 5 friends.
That was probably just an honest mistake. Celestia probably thought twilight knew the gala wasn't that good anyway, so she sent 2 thinking twilight would give the other one away out of just generosity. Plus, you wouldn't expect characters like Rainbowdash or Applejack to want to go the gala. Perhaps Celestia thought twilight would simply take spike. If it wasn't a mistake, then perhaps it was a test, and the reward was all the extra tickets. After all, seeing as the elements of harmony are the only thing that can defeat many villains, Celestia has to make sure twilight and her friends learn as much as possible about friendship. Or, maybe she simply thought Twilight would ask for extra tickets if she needed them.

12. Celestia didn't even apologise to twilight at the end of a Canterlot wedding
Yes, but instead she congratulated twilight for trusting her instincts and doing what she felt was right. Shining Armour gave Twilight an even worse time, and he didn't even say anything to her! But do I see anyone saying anything about that?

13. But why did she just sit back and watch when rarity was falling?
Every single pony apart from the wonder bolts didn't do anything to help! Twilight could've used her magic, and Fluttershy could've tried to catch Rarity, along with all the other pegasi who were watching. Rainbow dash wouldn't have performed the rainboom if she had stepped in, so it wouldn't have really been RD's episode would it? Also, Celestia is pretty wise and probably knew RD could save them/the wonderbolts would be faster than her anyway.

14. She let Luna get mistreated in Ponyville on nightmare night!
Oh I see, so when Luna doesn't go some place its bad and when she does its also bad. SERIOUSLY? She can't just leave Luna trapped in the castle! Maybe Luna didn't even tell her. I don't see you guys getting annoyed at pinkie who kept screwing her over each time she finally began to get the hang of behaving in the modern way.

If Celestia was a tyrant, then why would all of her subjects like her and enjoy her company. Surely they would all fear her, and try to rebel against her? And why is she recruiting Alicorns to strengthen Equestria's defences? Surely she wouldn't if she wanted to be the only one in control? Celestia tries her hardest to make life as best as it can possibly be for her subjects. She is kind, merciful, and wise. I love the trollestia/molestia memes, but they are NOT how she behaves in canon.

I love both Celestia and Luna, equally, so stop saying you have to be in the solar empire or the new lunar republic, and you can't like both, seeing as both sisters love each other and rule in harmony. End of.

*As a side note, she also defeats an infestation of cockatrices in Canterlot in the MLP comics which are licensed by Hasbro. So yeah, she DOES defend her kingdom. And she can't always thrust herself head first into danger because she is the only one (unless Luna can) who can raise the god damn sun and is very valuable to Equestria. 
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Celestia isn't a tyrant!by gungirl23

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Nikky-Pony-Lee121 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i like Molestia/Tyrant Celestia/Trollestia more than Celestia :D (Its just my oppinion :D everyone can have one, right? )
Also great points ^^
gungirl23 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014
Yeah, I don't mind people that like those memes. Heck, I like those memes.

I just don't like it when they argue that canon Celestia acts like they do.
Nikky-Pony-Lee121 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Totally agree for both :iconmnrthumbsupplz:  (BTW for Trollestia there are some situations that match her :D :D :D [… )
Also where was she when NMM attacked xDDDDDDD 
Duckyworth Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great points to make.... I don't understand why people find her to be a tyrant either...
Maxellion Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
I don't get why people hate good characters that are merciful, kind and wise. They treat Weed this bad too. I surprised that they don't hate Ang or Phineas Flynn because they are mostly nice.
gungirl23 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
Yeah... I think a big part is the princess trollestia and molestia memes (which I like a lot) being taken as the truth by some fans. 
Maxellion Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Properly that goes for other characters they don't lime.
gungirl23 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Yeah probably.
Maxellion Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Like I mean like... typo.
Kitsukrou Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
There is a Vsauce video that explains what would happen if the sun were to disappear. 
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